Amazon’s Textbook Deal With Brazil Signals Changing Landscape

Amazon started off slinging books online; that is the heart of the online giant's business approach. It wouldn't be obvious much anymore beyond the ads to buy a Kindle, though. Yet, Amazon has been making moves to get back to its roots - as a book distributor - if indeed it will be in a digital format. Amazon recently has announced a deal with the Brazil Ministry of Education to convert and distribute textbooks to teachers all over Brazil via its Whispercast system. Whispercast is … [Read more...]

Blueprint 3D Puts Power of 3D Puzzles in the Palm of Your Hand

Since I teach AP Art History, I am always looking for ways to make the content of my course relevant to my students. One of the barriers currently faced by teachers, and indeed the reason why we felt the need to create AFireKindled, is crossing the divide that technology provides. In the hands of our students, technology offers immediate access to information. Now, I'm not saying all of that information is particularly relevant to your class - just check out your students' Twitter feed or … [Read more...]

Tools for the Five C’s of Educational Technology

Based on the "Five C's of Educational Technology" that John Ricard discussed during his presentation at the 2012 AP Conference in Orlando, here are a list of online tools you can use in your classroom. All of them are free, and some of them have extended features for an additional charge. Collect Easy-to-use sites exist that provide places for teachers to collect content for their courses, organize it, and distribute it to their students. Delicious - This is a Web-based bookmark sharing … [Read more...] An Easy Brainstorming Tool for Teachers and Students

With all of the pushes to use differentiated instruction in education these days, and one of the most effective ways to meet that standard is through the use of graphic organizers, one might ask where to go to find such a tool. Well, there is an easy answer - just stroll on over to   One of the beautiful features of's application is how easy it is to use. It leverages web 2.0 features in that it is totally interactive as an interface. Basically, you create a series … [Read more...]